Monterey Spiritual Retreat

The Three Trees Monterey spiritual retreat is located just outside of Watsonville, California. Our Monterey spiritual retreat has all the natural beauty you would expect from this marvelous part of the country. Three Trees is nestled in three and a half acres of pristine forest, surrounded by majestic eucalyptus and towering oaks.

We attract both those people who live in the Monterey area, and folks who are here on vacation. If you are spending a long weekend or a week in gorgeous Monterey, take a few hours or a day to come visit us at Three Trees. We're more than just a Monterey spiritual retreat. We are a center of healing, spiritual ceremony and profound change. We seem to attract those kinds of people who are looking to remove obstacles in their lives, whether those obstacles are physical, emotional or spiritual.

A Monterey Spiritual Retreat for Healing
Because of Sequoia's renown as an energy healing channel, we attract many people who are in physical pain or dis-ease. Three Trees is a place of healing. Bathed in Jack's healing sound therapy and Sequoia's energy healing, the individual moves away from stress, inflammation and pain, and toward wellness, relaxation and a deep, comfortable peace.

Although many people come here specifically for healing, others come to take part in the lively workshops and profound spiritual ceremonies. We regularly hold Native American purification ceremonies, or sweatlodges. We even have special women's only sweatbaths. In the past, we have offered Creative Intimacy workshops, Sacred Drum Making workshops and more.

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